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Hi there! Thanks for visiting and welcome to my Professional Page!


Here is a brief summary of what I do professionally: I'm an High-energy, driven Accomplished Professional with with extensive technical knowledge of Telecommunications & Technology and solid business-to-business in domestic (North America) and international (with emphasis in Latin America & Caribbean) experience and proven track record in Technology Solutions BUSINESS OPERATIONS, PRODUCTS MANAGEMENT, SALES, ACCOUNT MANAGEMENT, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT, MARKET ANALYSIS,  CHANNEL PARTNERSHIP, TRAINING, CLIENT EDUCATION, OPERATIONS, R&D, IMPLEMENTATION & TEAM LEADERSHIP, with expertise in analyzing, exploring and educating new markets, managing clients relationships, identifying and creating new opportunities, providing strategic value to customers, leveraging trends in customer industries and market to shape solutions and approaches, transforming results into profit.


I have finely honed communication skills built on unwavering accuracy and a firmed passion for creating and delivering programs and solutions that empower teams, companies and customers to meet and exceed desired expectations. My goal is always focused to contribute with the growth of enterprises on “Manager / Director / VP levels /C-Level” through world-class knowledge of business development, account management, market analysis, sales, technology and leadership.

During my career I have had the pleasure to manage teams of Engineers, Associate Engineers, Technicians, Sales and Customer Care professionals, always doing the best to be an inspiration, coaching everyone to be and do their best to exceed client expectations and achieve the ultimate goal of themselves and of companies: SUCCESS! 


I was born and raised in Brazil. At age of 13 I move to Venezuela due my father's position working for the U.N. I currently leave in the U.S.A. so I'm a tri-lingual professional (English, Portuguese and Spanish) with dual citizenship status (U.S. and Brazil). During the time I was doing a M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering I also studied French at the Pontifical Catholic of Rio de Janeiro. I'm not fluent as in the other 3 languages but I can read and understand a lot when I'm surrounded by such wonderful language! And along came Italian in the same way as French...


I was born in Belo Horizonte (the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil). During my teens I lived in Maracay, Venezuela where I studied part of Middle School and graduated from High School. Then I returned to Brazil to go to University. There I obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Electrical Engineering. During the M.Sc. I lectured in 2 Universities (The Military Institute of Engineering and Universidade Estacio de Sa. In that time I also worked at Multitel Microelectronics developing Integrated Circuits for the Military, Automobile and Telecommunication Industries. After that,  I spent around 3 years in the R&D arena, mainly developing Integrated Circuits utilizing Thick and Thin Film Technologies and Telecommunication equipment such as Radio Transceivers, Optical Transmitters and Repeaters, Satellites, Multiplexers, Antennas and Cables. Then I realized that spending my professional life, cloistered inside a lab, concentrated in devices and components was not for me. I really enjoy it but I was missing a more humanistic side of life so I decided that with my technical background, it was time to move to the commercial side of the technology. So I spent around 3 years in Systems Engineering, working side-by-side with Sales teams until I moved to a more commercial approach: interacting with people in order to understand their dream of a better life, doing my best to provide technology solutions to help them achieve their goals is my passion! I like to analyze their needs, match it with solutions and provide results, always aiming to exceed their expectations!!!

My passion for Telecommunications in all its forms is my professional motto! Satellites, Microwave Links, Broadband, Wireless, Wireline, WiFi, Fiber Optics, IoT, Cloud, Signalling, Connectivity, Media and Network simply fascinates me! Telecommunications is a unique and fantastic way to bring the world closer!!!

“George delivers. Whatever he does is done with great perception, panache, persistence, a pinch of appropriate good humor, and just a little perspiration. It was a great pleasure to work with George during a period of massive growth and great pressure. When you need to build a market George is the one to give you realistic goals which are always met and often exceeded.” - Paul Newiadomy - COO @ MACH Americas, Inc.
“George has an excellent skill to perform that position. Profile: Hire and get hired - Win customers and partnerships - Build a stronger professional reputation.” - Ricardo Arguelhes - Manager of Traffic, Interconection and Roaming @ Telecom Italy

George is an excellent business director, friendly, committed, entrepreneur and result oriented. He builds good relationship with his customers." - Marcelo Erlich - GM @ ITC S.A.

“George is a very strong manager of people with an unparalleled knowledge of both the Latin American market as well as the Global telecommunications industry in general, with an emphasis on GSM technology. George uses his expertise in GSM along with his customer relationships at nearly every operator to achieve great sales success." - David Wasserman - SVP NA Sales @ Syniverse

“George has an excellent competence and had the opportunity to demonstrate it during the implementation of strategic projects for AMX Group. Always sharing his knowledge and expertise, George supported my area in excellent manner. George has excellent relationship with people, always acting according to ethic sense and company polices." - Erika Montero, - Director of VAS @ América Móvil Group


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